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Sports and Action Photography Tips

GDS 73 Sports and Action Photography 1 - Basic Tips and Canon Settings. See the larger version here.

GDS 73 Sports and Action Photography 2 - Nikon Settings and Basic Processing. See the larger version here.



Camera Settings

General Exposure Settings

Exposure Methods

  1. One approach is to shoot aperture priority and set the lens at its maximum aperture, then increase your ISO until the action is not blurred.
    • Remember, increasing ISO degrades your image, so don't go too high
    • Again, 1/500 might be the minimum shutter speed, depending on your distance, how fast the action is, etc, but higher is better. 1/1000 would be great.
    • Some cameras will let you set a minimum shutter speed, so you know you will always freeze the action.
  2. You can also shoot in manual at your biggest aperture and a high enough shutter speed to not blur the action, and then set your ISO to auto. This might work better if the lighting is pretty even. If it is very even lighting, you could set a fixed ISO number.
  3. Shutter priority might also be appropriate, especially outdoors during the day, since you need to have a fast enough shutter speed to freeze the action.

Other Settings