GDS 73 - Digital Photography Online - Object with Shape and Texture

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Assignment 5 - Object with Shape and Texture:

Photograph 1 object in many different ways, emphasizing Shape and Texture.

Here are the requirements

  • Shoot the same object for all your photos. Examples for objects would be a chair or guitar.
  • Look for an object that has some intersting shapes and textures, and emphasise shape and texture in your images.
  • Please do not shoot images of many different objects.
  • Think about all the options you have with 1 main subject only.
  • It can be any object, but not a person or animal.
  • Shoot at least 40 images total, but you will select your 10 best, then select your 5 best images(see below).
  • They can be edited or non-edited, meaning you can edit them if you want in Photoshop, Lightroom, etc, but you don't have to.
  • Watch the 2 short videos below to get a feel for using shape and texture in photography, and try to emphasize them in your images.

Here are some optional readings on shape in photography if you have time

  1. Visual Design: Using Shape in Photography
  2. How to use shape in photography composition
  3. Elements of a Photograph: Shape

Also consider the following list of characteristics of images:

Here are some other tips

  • Be as creative as you can.
  • You can move the object, change the lighting, etc. Changing the angle of the object relative to the light can enhance texture.
  • You can try to create some abstract images, where the actual object is not recognizable.

Click to see more examples. Object Assignment ScreenshotClick to see more examples.

To Turn In:

  • Resize your 10 best images to a maximum dimension of 1000 pixels wide or 1000 pixels high(watch the video on image processing) and save them as jpegs with a quality setting of 7. You can also export at that size from Lightroom with a quality of 70. You can also export them using bridge, which might be the easiest now(here is a video).
  • Using the same techniques as used previously, make sure your images are named like this:
  • Turn in as a folder of 10 files, with your 5 selects(best of the best) in an inside folder.
  • Zip the folder and put the file in the assignment in Canvas.
  • If you have an Instagram account, try to post post 1 of your images there, and tag it with #photographyatmission. To do this, you can email the image you have chosen to yourself, and post from your phone. There are other methods, but this may be the simplest.