GDS 73 - Digital Photography Online - Weekly Instructions
Spring 2020- Section 30946

Jan. 27 - Week 1 Instructions:

  1. Welcome to the class!
  2. Login to Canvas ( and download the syllabus in Canvas from the class home page near the top if you don't have it.
  3. Watch the Orientation for the class. Make sure to refer to the current version of the syllabus when viewing the orientation. The syllabus can be found in Canvas from the class home page near the top. The link to all video lectures is near the top of this page. The books or other details may have changed from the video. The current syllabus has the most up to date information.
  4. Read the General Class Information in Canvas ( It may be slightly different than the video or syllabus.
  5. Please let me know if you are confused or having trouble with the material. You can message me through Canvas (, by loggin in, clicking on the class, clicking on the linbox link on the left, and creating a message. It's like email inside the class.
  6. We do use photoshop and Lightroom in the class.
    Many things can be done in both Lightroom and Photoshop, and photographers use both. Lightroom is better for organizing and processing lots of images, while Photoshop can do some image manipulation that Lightroom cannot, such as compositing images(assembling multiple images into one). So, we will talk about and use both, sometimes for similar functions. You can decide later which program you want to use for certain functions, situations or workflows.
    For this class you can use either the full Creative Cloud plan or the Creative Cloud Photography plan.
    1. You can find current the Adobe Creative Cloud for Semester License at This might be the best deal right now at $39.99 for 6 months
    2. Adobe software like Photoshop and Lightroom is also available in the Academic Support Center on Campus. Check their web site for current hours.
  7. Assignment:
    Post in the
    "Introductions" discussion forum in Canvas. Give a short introduction to yourself, and about your expectations for the class.
    You can find the discussion forum under the Discussions link on the left or the Content Links module. I will check this to verify you are in the class. Make sure to reply to the post as soon as possible to avoid being dropped.
  8. Take the Opening Day Survey in the Week 1 module in Canvas.
  9. Watch the video on Camera Features.
    1. Note: The main criteria for a camera to use in this class is one with manual exposure controls like Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, etc. You could get by without these controls, but you will be limited. See below for more details and recommendations.
  10. Read pages 11-39(Getting Ready and Step 1:Meet your camera modes)in the Betterphoto Basics book. If you are buying a camera right now, you could also read pages 208-213(Buyers Guide in Additional References), and see the sites below.
  11. Here is a page on with camera buying guides by budget, camera type, etc.
  12. Check out these sites for camera suggestions
  13. Optional: Watch the video Introduction to Flickr.
    The Flickr interface can change at any time, so the site may be slightly different from the video, but I think you can figure it out ;).
  14. Optional:
    Join our Flickr group
    1. You can share images from your assignments in the group, and see the images from other students. This is optional. I want to see how many students are interested.
    2. Sign up for Flickr.
    3. Go to the link for the group above and click join this group.