GDES 45 - Web Design - Online Weekly Instructions
Summer 2017- Section 50268

Week 1 (June 19) Instructions:

  1. Download the syllabus in Canvas from the class home page near the top if you don't have it.
  2. Watch the video orientation. The current syllabus will be slightly different from the one in the video.
  3. Read the General Class Information in Canvas ( It may be slightly different than the video or syllabus.
  4. Reply to my post in the discussion forum about your expectations for the class. You can find the discussion forum in Canvas under the discussions link on the left or the Content Links module in Modules. It has the title "My expectations for the class". I will check this to verify you are in the class. Please do not start a new post, but reply to my post.
  5. Please take the opening day survey in the week 1 module in Canvas.
  6. Search online for a deal on Creative Cloud Photography plan, which includes subscriptions to Photoshop and Lightroom, which you can use for the class. We do use photoshop in the class. See the syllabus for other options, like if you would like the student rate for the complete Adobe CC subscription. As far as I know at this time, the best deal for the complete Adobe CC can currently be found at
    1. Adobe software like Photoshop and Lightroom is also available in the Academic Support Center on Campus. Check their web site for current hours.
  7. Read Chapters 1 and 2 in Learning Web Design.
  8. Read the file under Day 1 Terms in the week 1 module.
  9. Assignment 1 - First Page: Create your first web page by watching the video on Ceating a basic web page. Please recreate the page exactly. In later assignments, you will have more creative freedom. Before you send me your files, always make sure to check your file for errors by submitting it to the W3C validation service at: Click on Validate File by Upload near the top, then click the browse button, locate your file, and submit. It will point out some coding errors, if you have any. Another thing to do is to view the code source in Firefox(PC:control-U/Mac:command-u). Mistakes will often show up there in red text. After correcting any mistakes, submit your final files. Drop the file in the Assignment 1 drop box in Canvas in the weekly module. Include your name in the file name as in firstname_lastname_page1.htm. Make sure to read the note on the video page about the hgroup tag. Have fun! Check the calendar for due dates.
  10. Read Chapter 3 and 4 in Learning Web Design.
  11. Read pages 1-7 in the Principles of Beautiful Web Design. It is about the web design process.
  12. Also take a look at the Phases of production from the book Web Redesign Workflow that works. See it at
  13. Assignment 2 - Text Formatting Tags: Create your second web page by watching the text formatting tags video tutorial. Please recreate the page exactly. Don't forget to validate as you did with assignment 1 by checking the file at:
    Click on Validate File by Upload near the top, and then click the browse button, locate your file, and submit. Drop your file in the Assignment 2 drop box. Name the file page2.htm with your name in the file name as in firstname_lastname_page2.htm. Check the calendar for due dates.

    Important note on the videos: Some videos are in html5, while some might occasionally be in XHTML. It's a good idea to know both syntaxes, since you will see both on the web and both are viable. They are not all that different. Check out Ch10 of Learning Web Design for some of the differences, especially pages 181-185.
  14. Read Chapter 5 in Learning Web Design. It is about tags for text.
  15. Read the rest of Chapter 1(you already read pages 1-7) and Ch. 2 of The Principles of Beautiful Web Design, 3rd Edition. They are about layout and color.
  16. Take a look at the file Dos and Don'ts of web design in the weekly module.
  17. You can also check out these articles (Optional):
    1. Biggest Mistakes in Web Design 1995-2015 - from Web Pages That Suck where you learn good web design
    2. Checklist of bad web design Part Two from Web Pages That Suck Learn good web design by looking at bad web design
  18. Check out these example bad websites for things not to do.
    5. 20 Examples Of Bad Web Design
  19. Find a website you think is poorly designed and talk about why you think it is poorly designed. Post/reply under the forum Poorly Designed Websites in the weekly module in Canvas. Also comment on posts about websites posted by other students.
  20. Review pages 265-274 in Learning Web Design about color and the hexidecimal system. A bit of the same material is in Ch.2 of The principles of Beautiful Web Design. Later, we will go over specifying color with RGB.
  21. Check out these pages on color schemes and color pickers. Some of these are also mentioned in your reading.
      This is a cool color picker and theme collection from adobe.
  22. Assignment 3 - Lists: Create a web page by watching the Lists and color intro video tutorial. The bullet3.png file needed for the page is in the weekly module. For this assignment, please recreate the page exactly. In later assignments, you will have more creative freedom. Drop your files into the Assignment 3 drop box. Don't forget to include the bullet3.png file with your submission. If you forget, I won't see it.

    To turn in assignments with multiple files or folders, it works best if you put all files in a folder and zip the folder. Canvas has changed how I receive files from students in submissions that are zipped. Because of this, it is important to name your folder correctly BEFORE you zip it to send, so I know who's folder it is. Please name you folder like this firstname_lastname_assignX where X is the assignment number. Then when you zip the folder, I will know it is yours.

    To zip the folder: To zip a folder on a PC, create the folder with your name on it like this firstname_lastname_assignX and put the files needed in it, then right click, select "send to," and finally "compresses (zipped) folder". On a mac, control click or right click on the folder and select compress. Remember to name the folder before compressing it, so I can see who's it is when it is uncompressed.
    1. Don't forget to zip your folder with your files(see above)
    2. Don't forget to validate at :
      Check the calendar for due dates.
    3. Note: The dl tag in the video used to refer to a dictionary list or definition list. The meaning of the dl tag has been slightly modified to mean a description list in HTML5. Also, the dd tag now is a description or value in a description list.

  23. You can begin Assignment 4 - Reading Summary which is:
    • Create 1 basic web page on your own with at least 6 different facts, opinions, or bits of information from the week 1 reading Ch 1-3 in Learning Web Design. Try to take at least 2 items from each chapter. Use the tags we we have gone over (html, head, body, h1, p, br, etc.). Check out Ch. 4 and 5 in Learning Web Design for help. There are samples to look at in the weekly module. Make sure to validate HTML at You can validate CSS at You should validate both to see if you can catch errors.
      Note:The validators may give you multiple error messages for 1 mistake, so you may not have as many errors as you think.

      You must use the following tags, elements, or css styles at least once.

      1. a heading, h1 for example
      2. blockquote
      3. strong
      4. background-color
      5. a list

    Check the calendar for due dates.