GDS 45 - Web Design - Online
Weekly Instructions
Spring 2020- Section 30940

Jan. 27 - Week 1 Instructions:

  1. Download the syllabus in Canvas from the class home page near the top if you don't have it.
  2. Watch the video orientation. The current syllabus will be slightly different from the one in the video.
  3. Read the General Class Information in Canvas ( It may be slightly different than the video or syllabus.
  4. Please let me know if you are confused or having trouble with the material. You can message me through Canvas (, by loggin in, clicking on the class, clicking on the linbox link on the left, and creating a message. It's like email inside the class.
  5. Assignment:
    Post in the
    "Introductions" discussion forum in Canvas. Give a short introduction to yourself, and about your expectations for the class.
    You can find the discussion forum under the Discussions link on the left or the Content Links module. I will check this to verify you are in the class. Make sure to reply to the post as soon as possible to avoid being dropped.
  6. Assignment - Please take the opening day survey in the week 1 module in Canvas.
  7. We do use photoshop a bit in the class. See the syllabus for more options, but as far as I know at this time, the best deal for the complete Adobe CC can currently be found at
    1. Adobe software like Photoshop and Lightroom is also available in the Academic Support Center on Campus. Check their web site for current hours.
  8. Start reading Chapters 1 and 2 in Learning Web Design. You should be able to get FREE ACCESS to the books from Safari Books Online. See below.
  9. Read the file under Day 1 Terms in the week 1 module.
  10. Assignment 1 - First Page: Create your first web page by watching the video on Creating a basic web page. Please recreate the page exactly. In later assignments, you will have more creative freedom. Before you send me your files, always make sure to check your file for errors by submitting it to the W3C validation service at: Click on Validate File by Upload near the top, then click the browse button, locate your file, and submit. It will point out some coding errors, if you have any. Another thing to do is to view the code source in Firefox(PC:control-U/Mac:command-u). Mistakes will often show up there in red text. After correcting any mistakes, submit your final files. Drop the file in the Assignment 1 drop box in Canvas in the weekly module. Include your name in the file name as in firstname_lastname_page1.htm. Have fun! Check the calendar for due dates.